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Apart from tourism, Fiji Water is probably the biggest industry in this small, remote Pacific nation. The water begins as rain in the tropical forest, and filters through the ground for hundreds of years in Viti Levu before entering the aquifer. Fiji is classified as a Very Low Mineral water and has a desirable 7.5 pH factor. The most notable chemical aspect is its high silica, often associated with waters that are harvested from areas with volcanic geology. Once the darling of Hollywood types who admired its purity and packaging, Fiji can now be found almost everywhere, including here at for those who love it as much as ever.

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Where can I buy ?

Where can I buy Stella D’oro cookies? where can I buy Nantucket Nectars or Fiji Water?   ” I love this product. Can I buy a case of it? ”  These are the type of watters that we are trying to resolve for our customers.

People always search for items which not alway avalable in there local stors or they may don’t have the time look for them. And when they find them they would like to buy by the case to time.

Try us BigAppleGrocer.Net  It’s pretty simple to use you can buy the products you love by the case and indevidually. If you live in the New York Metro area we may be able to give you a Free shipping.



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Great news

We have recently made our store available for customers thoughout the country. We quickly found out that many products are simply  not available in other parts of the US. For example, customers searching for Stella D’oro cookies, Nantucket Nectars or Fruit Water can now purchase their favorite items shipped via FedEx. 

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Tips for using the website

We offer our customers the choice of buying groceries and beverages in
regular or in bulk size. We also offer free delivery for home or office. For more information go to our delivery info page.

If you want to spend as little time as possible on the site, we recommend our
new customers to build multiple shopping lists. You can have as many wish lists
as you want. You can have one list for the weekly shopping, one for the bulk
items. The first time you visit the site it will take sometime to find
everything you are looking for, but once you get used to it , your grocery
and beverage shopping will so much easer and a lot less expansive.  

Enjoy shopping

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