Stella Doro

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When I was 9, and life was about Barbie Dolls and Brownie meetings, I remember
eating dinner with Mom, Dad, my big brother and me. I banished those string beans
to the edge of the plate with great apprehension, and wished that my mother send
them to all the starving children in India, as she frequently threatened. I ate them
while holding my breath because I knew something beyond delicious was waiting
for my dessert…Stella Doro…any kind, but I hoped she bought the assorted cookies
because my favorites were the ones with the hot pink icing….

When I went to college (my first time away from home), I stocked up on my most
cherished comfort food – Stella Doro cookies. My taste hadn’t changed, but I
expanded my taste buds to include anisette, breakfast treats, biscotti, marguerite,
and of course, my cookies with the hot pink icing..but now, I was an independent
college girl, and I dunked my Stella Doro in hot coffee instead of hot chocolate…

Life became a little more complicated. I married my college sweetheart and began
to build my family. Suddenly, my days were filled with diapers, carpools, wiping dog
and baby stains from my couch, besides the usual shopping, laundry, vacuuming,
etc. I originally pictured a different life…dinner parties discussing the latest novel,
theatre, movies and going on vacations with a duffel bag full of magazines and
sunscreen…NOT! But, when I had a private moment, I would curl up and nibble on
delicious Stella Doro, and life would be somewhat normal…

Then, my husband got a promotion, but we had to live in a city which didn’t carry
Stella Doro cookies..believe me, I checked every supermarket, grocery, convenience
store, upscale emporiums to mom and pop shops..Nothing..

I was afraid that my freckles would turn into liver spots before I could stop and hear
the crunch of a Stella Doro biscotti…Then, my neighbor told me about an internet
supermarket,, that ships to any place in the country!! I thought
I would have to take out a second mortgage, but I was surprised at how affordable
the prices were. carried such a large selection of products, and
items that I had to give up back home, or look for inferior and more costly local
brands. Imagine, my first and eternal love, Stella Doro, would come back into my
life. I placed an order with, and added other groceries along
with my Stella Doro, and three days later, I was nibbling, munching and shrieking
with glee…with my own nine year old daughter.

I called my college roommate, who lives in the N.Y. Metro area. Many a night we
stuffed our faces on Stella Doro as we crammed for tests. Lucky Sheila, all the stores
around her carried our shared passion, but her schedule was even more hectic
because she had a full time job, as well. I told her that, since she lived in New York
City, can deliver to her for absolutely free when she would
spend $150. or more!!! Spending $150. In a New York supermarket is very easy, my
Stella Doro cookie habit would be that, alone!!!

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