The Water Revolution: Glaceau Vitamin Water and the New Super Waters

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The benefits of drinking water are clearly shown in the article cited above. Many people walk around in a state of dehydration, suffering from the ill effects associated with the lack of adequate hydration. Water, it seems, has been neglected and unpopular since the beginning of the soda invasion. Most people do not even consider choosing water as a beverage, opting instead for a Pepsi or Coke. Just look at any restaurant menu to confirm this idea. There will be twenty different kinds of carbonated soda and no mention of water choices other than the often frowned upon request for a glass of tap water with lemon instead of one of the sugary, gas filled sodas.

The water revolution has arrived, however. In the past few years, there has been an increased amount of new water beverages on the market, making it easier for choosy water drinkers to find a water beverage which appeals to their own tastes. Not only are some of the waters spring fed and crystal clear, but some are actually pumped full of a healthy dose of vitamins.

A Water for Every Taste

Tap water cannot compare to the variety of water beverages available to choose from. Sports enthusiasts may increase their stamina and boost their energy with water designed for athletes. Purists will enjoy the fancy-named water choices like Evian and Fiji Water. There is even special water designed for babies to drink called Nursery Water. Propel offers water choices with hints of flavors like citrus or berry. This water beverage uses an artificial sweetener to keep the calories down.

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