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May 19, 2008 at 11:52 pm 1 comment

Glaceau Vitamin Water is just like what the name says – water with vitamins added to it. But Glaceau is anything but ordinary. To stand out from other water ‘beverages’ out there, apart from adding vitamins, there are brightly colored labels and creative names like Revive, Power C, Energy, Defense … and a humorous story to go along with each product. For example:- ‘stress b/lemon-lime’: “For the temporary relief of stress associated with personal finances, high school reunions, computer viruses, and telemarketers calling during dinner. Continuous usage may lead to the extinction of reclining chairs, therapists and radio stations beginning with the name “light” or “easy.”

But what about the taste! Well, it’s water, so you know what to expect except … I tried the Revive Fruit Punch. The ingredients label says that they added a little sugar or crystalline fructose, natural flavors and a little vegetable juice for color. So this does not exactly taste like water, but more like – a beverage that I thought was going to be sweeter, but it wasn’t, and that left my mouth disappointed. I think it’s the same reason I don’t like Gatorade (well that and the fact that I am NOT a Florida Gators fan! but I digress…) I will let people know that I am in the minority with my opinion though. I like water to taste like water, and if something has the name ‘water’ in it, then I also expect that will taste like water, and I don’t like it if it doesn’t.

On the other hand, there are at least 50% of many vitamins in these drinks. Another note on labeling – it turns out that there are 50 calories per serving of this ‘revive vitamin water.’ There are 2.5 servings in a bottle, leaving you with 125 calories from this ‘vitamin water.’ And you pay $1.99 for the pleasure. I think 50CENTS (the rapper) knew what he was doing when he invested in this company! I think I’ll stick to drinking good ole’ no calorie, filtered ‘TAP water.’

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  • 1. Laurene Schmitt  |  October 9, 2012 at 4:42 am

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